Let me introduce mysefl. My name is Gema Molina, a journalist totally crazy for Social Media and Social Networks use, what they represent and the revolution they already are causing not only on the Internet and the 2.0 World but on our real daily life.

The secret of Social Media is that it’s not about you, your product or your story. It’s about creating value for the communities that happen to include you. The more value you create for the community, the more value they’ll create for you

Mission: Social With It is born just with one wish: keep both English and Spanish Community of experts and beginners on Social Media as much updated as possible, in an easy and accessible way. This blog is a non-stop source of information in the field, so are all the Social Networks linked, where you will be able to find decisive tips and How to solve any doubt you have.

Inspiration: I’m pretty sure you have been very often inspired by a comment, post or tweet from an expert or Key Influencer. That’s other of our missions, creating new own content as well as sharing other experts contents, letting you get inspired in your professional career.

Sharing opinions: by creating discussions about the hottest Social Media Information and trends, both in English and Spanish, making easier for both communities to collaborate with each other. For that purpose, SWI has launched a Facebook fan page with opened forums and other themes you will be able to open yourself. We’ll be there to help you out!

Why Social With It? Besides my p passion for Social Media, I’ve lately become a huge fan of Memes. Social With It comes from the meme Deal With It, which meaning I suppose everybody knows. Our idea has been transmitting that Social Media is like this huge and growing up very quickly.

  • Do not run away from them
  • Do not avoid them
  • But do face them and enjoy them 😉