In other words, most of Twitter and LinkedIn users don’t read the content of that link before retweeting. They don’t even click over it!!! Why then are we so sure a RT will drive more visits to our sites? Why are we constantly expecting as many RTs as possible? Well, it’s not a matter of driving traffic but of social influence, I’m afraid.

But let’s get back to the unread RTs. Hubspot Marketing Blog surveyed about 2.7 million tweets that included links and got these fascinating results:

  • – 16.12% out of them got more RTs than clicks over links.
  • – Almost 15% of all RTs had CERO clicks
  • – Those that mentioned the word “Retweet” reached more RT but less clicks than average. On the other hand, those mentioning someone else via @ got less RT but more clicks…
LinkedIn Group Social Media Chat
                      Source: HubSpot Marketing Blog

The same way you feel right now, totally amazed by these data, I decided to ask a doubt in several LinkedIn groups I’m a member of, with no link added though. Just the question. Nobody answered. Nobody probably even saw it in the middle of that huge amount of daily links containing both information and images… Information that it’s been proved we don’t pay attention to. At least, not as we should.

I then launched a second question asking for specialist’s thoughts about creating a new group on LinkedIn where links were not allowed, just those that are extremely crucial to the thread. A group with just a clear aim: Talking about social media… With just words.

And here it is! -> SM Chat: Questions & Answers. I soon realized I was not the only one with that feeling…

Then… Do you fancy talking about social media? 😉

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