Daniel Mainé, Spanish Comicbook artist and what it’s even more important, a good friend of mine, has created this awesome Christmas greeting card as a little gift for you all from SWIt’s team and contributors. We’ve removed all names to let you personalize your own Christmas best wishes to your loved ones. You’ll be unique using this greeting card, as it’s been built just for you.

In order to let you use this wallpaper in all your devices (smartphones, iPhones, iPad, laptops…) we’ve built different formats for you to download by clicking on the following links:

– Instagram format -> Do not hesitate to upload it to your fave photo-sharing app in order to wish Merry Christmas to all your followers!

– iPhone 4S format -> Wallpaper (Wellcome screen)

– iPhone 4S format (version 2) -> Wallpaper under apps to allow an easier sight of your icons

– iPhone 5 format -> Wallpaper (Wellcome screen)

– iPhone 5 format (version 2) -> Wallpaper under icons/apps

– iPad format -> Wallpaper (Wellcome screen)

– iPad format (version 2) – > Wallpaper under icons/apps

– Samsung format -> Engaged to this brand? Here’s your wallpaper then!

– Samsung format version 2 -> Wallpaper under icons/apps

– 1600X1900 format -> perfect for your desktop wallpaper

– 1366X768 format ->  desktop wallpaper (version 2 – more rectangular).

– 1280X800 format -> desktop wallpaper (version 3 – more rectangular)

– 1024X768 format -> perfect for your square desktop wallpaper

– 800X600 format -> A wallpaper for your laptop 😉 This format also is the perfect one to email your best wishes to your family and loved ones!

By the way, are you a comic lover? Then you’ll probably already know what the draw is referring to… Fancy guessing the story? 😉

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