Today we bring 3 infographics to you. All of them have an increasing interest specially the last one. Do not miss that one! We’d love you to try some of the tips in there and then, let us know how was it 😉

1. What’s the cleverest country on the Internet

Many of you have probably already seen this infographic both on SWIt’s Pinterest or Facebook profiles (we were one of those many who shared that content), and so you’ll know the answer. For those of you who don’t, here’s the question: What country uses the Internet best? Make your guess and then check the result out clicking on the link number 1!

2. How online advertising has changed

It has changed indeed! Here is a summary of the history of online advertising. Some of the data are very impressive such us 1997, when first signs of social media appeared. Have a look at the infographic under the link number 2!

3. What works for social sharing

And here’s the infographic we talked about at the beginning of this post! We think it is very useful because it adds specific details on how to launch a given content on any social network to be shared. For instance, what do you think if we tell you that a social message with a question mark on it receives 25% less RTs on Twitter?  Do not miss any detail from this infographic! All the info under the link on number 3!

As usual, let us know your thoughts or own experiences below on comments or on our fanpage. We’re looking forward to it!

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