Although these general metrics will only be useful to support your decision, they can be the last impulse you need to go in one direction or the other. However, don’t ever forget there is much more you’ll have to take into account before go to conquer the main social networks. To name a crucial factor to pay attention to, you’ll have to ensure your audience uses those platforms!!

Along this post we’ll focus only in those data that these social sites can offer to us, the way you’ll be able to make your mind.

1. Facebook: the most visited platform

Over 1,1 billion active users, and an average of 18 minutes per visit… Every single day… Wow!

So do you want to reach your fans every day with new and amazing contents? This is your social network then.

To access to the infographic with the rest of the data, just click here.

2. Twitter: Go viral with your contents and brand image

177 million of tweets per day. A very high virality level. 77% of the top 100 companies have a Twitter account… These are just a few data you’ll find in the infographic.

What would you have to take into account to launch a strategy on Twitter? That your goal can’t be sales. But it can be to go viral with the contents of your corporate blog and offer a brilliant customer service!

Go to the infographic with many other details clicking here!

3. Pinterest: the platform for ecommerce

If your business is an ecommerce online site you should pay special attention to this photo-sharing network. Have a look at the data and you’ll understand why I’m in love with this platform:

  • – 80% of users are women (it’s a winning strategy if your audience is mostly female)
  • – 2,5 billion pages visited every month.
  • – It’s the platform where more contents are shared on iPads, smartphones and other devices.

An other figures you’ll want to know about! Just go to this infographic.

4. Google+: the ex-ghost platform

Yes it is. Keep an eye on this site because it’s growing very quickly!

The best advantage of being part of Google+ is that your Google ranking will thank you. Any content you share on this web will get a better rate on Google if you reach over one hundred +1 in your page and make your followers participate.

Other advante is that the active users spend on average 60 minutes in the platform. Maybe they don’t visit it everyday, but when they do, they do it right. The difference with Facebook or Twitter is that users visit this site only once a day on average.

Go to the infographic with many more data in this link.

So now you have a better and general vision of the four main social networks, which one would you choose to get your business into? Tell me about it on comments!

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