Being smarter than the rest of the candidates is today almost a must when looking for job. It does not matter that companies still ask for a Résumé on Word. They’ll look for your online profile by typing your full name on Google. Yes indeed. Rules have definitely changed.

However, building a strong online pressence as a personal brand is not easy. You’ll have to work hard on it and that will be your Résumé from now onwards. Find out more about how to enhance your online personal brand starting with LinkedIn here and get many more tips within the following infographics:

1. How to build your online pressence on social networks

Be helpful, that’s the key! Become yourself a reference to your social community. Help them find what they’re looking for. Make good laboral relationships in your field. Find out more here.


2. What’s the best social network to job hunting?

To be honest, I reckon you should be growing a social community around most of the principal social networks, but what happens if you have to select just one and focus on it? Which one would you choose? This infographic might be helpful…


3. How to find a job on Social Media Marketing

Social Media is an increasing field and nowadays more and more marketing specialists, publicists, PR and journalists want to jump into Social Media Marketing jobs. Well, let’s learn something about the careers entitled within the market and some tips to look for a job on this. Go to link number 3!


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