Javier Consuegra and Sandra López, Communication Department’s Managers at AsYouWish Creations, have shared with SWIt their knowledge and vision about Social Tv, which is pretty much what it is happening in Spain around this new way of watching Tv.

Very often we receive data of USA users, as we published before (read Social Tv: how to create your own experience). However we sometimes forget about the evolve on this matter of the rest of the countries.

Current Spanish audience is very active, Javier and Sandra tell us, and they don’t only want to decide where, when, how and how many times they watch a given content, but they also wish to be part of it. They want to share the experience, have a voice about the content and keep enjoying it after turn off the Tv.

According to the last Spanish study Televidente 2.0 (2011), one out of two Spanish spectators use tech devices to socialize the consumption experience. Besides, 12% of Spanish web users have tablets while one out of two use iPhones to enter online.

The audiovisual media is inevitable changing. The passive way of watching has turned into the wish of taking part and connect online.

But there’s more. We also talk about an active audience that further to watch the Tv given, want to decide what and where to watch it. That means that advertising will reach consumers much easier (as they have decided to watch that show) and Social Tv applications could play a crucial role on allow users to access e-commerce directly from the app when watching the Tv program.

This infographic shows the Social Tv ecosystem, just in case you don’t know it yet and want to learn something else about the matter.

Social TV Ecosystem Infograph
Source: www.edgeofdigitalculture.com

Many experts have told about the death of traditional Tv. That could actually happen, our two experts say, not in that way though. Traditional Tv will evolve to a new use called Social Tv, where “second screens” or apps will spread the experience further, beyond the Tv and the channel timetable.

Yes indeed. Spain, where just two years ago Facebook was not this usual, currently is walking faster and faster into all related to social media, including of course Social Tv.

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