Lately we’ve been heard about the evolution – not death, though – of the Content Marketing to what other influential giants have already named as “Social Marketing”. Let me clarify a couple of points here. First of all, there’s a massive trend among professionals to – in apparent self-contradiction- “murder” trends. We all should start bearing in mind that all related to online marketing is like the raw material; it never dies, just evolves.

The fact of calling “social marketing” to content marketing it’s also pretty obvious, at least, at first sight. All posts you release in you blog, either corporate or personal are written for the general public, for your readers. So it’s social. But if we analyse the idea we’ll realise that social marketing (3.0) is spreading quickly enough, at the mercy of the bigger social platforms though.

So Social Marketing 3.0 strategy is entirely fans-dependent. We’ll be writter our content according to the people we want to reach and the platform we want to spread the message. The difference here it’s that now the social network will determine your kind of content.

In other words: your brand’s message, voice and content will be strategically developed thinking first about the social platform you’ll be uploading that content.

So far, specialists and most of the businesses with online presence knew each social network should have its own and exclusive strategy. Now Social Marketing 3.0 goes beyond. Content will have to fit each of those platforms and be written having that network in mind. This is getting harder guys! Harder work to succeed that is.

However there is a “but”… An obstacle that social networks drop in our roads… Main social platforms are determined to make this almost impossible. Due to the constant “copy-cat”, it’s getting difficult to release a different content strategy for each of them. Did Facebook launched a feature that will benefit the small businesses? Google won’t last to adapt exactly the same feature for Google+. Has Twitter clearly succeed with the trending topics? Ok. Here’s Facebook trying to copy the feature. They are heading us toward the “anti-creativity”, to spread the same content across all of them.

Social networks and their constant changes in order to get closer to their opponents are killing our creativity (this time, allow me to use this word), the chance to give fans and followers what they want. But we must beat it. We must keep offering specific contents.

At least, “Facebook has not succeeded at turning itself into Twitter” (Brian DeSena), nor Google+ into Facebook. That would have made our work much easier, but also less successful.

So despite all these obstacle, let’s prove we can rule them (nor the other way around). Let’s start following that new trend called Social Marketing 3.0. Let’s write different contents according to the platform we are going to release them.

And now I’d love to know your opinion! Leave your comment below and let’s chat about it!

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