“Something new, worn, blue and something else borrowed” are the instructions a bride should follow on the wedding day, and it’s also a very accurate comparison with Social CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Gabriela Pérez SambucettiGrupo Ibira’s CEO, has told us of this parallelism.

Let’s think of an emotional customer-company relationship and we’ll be able to see a likeness with a real couple: both are based on love, alright a different kind of “love”, but love nonetheless.

On top of that, the four stages a couple goes through are very similar to the client-company relationship’s: getting to know each other, falling in love, maturing and stabilization.

And at this point is where I take my hat off to Gabriela’s parallelism idea. I’d never thought that way about the relationship with the client. It is certainly like that though.

But let’s go further and jump directly over the second most important word in a relationship: loyalty.

In both cases we want and need a loyalty-based relationship. To get there we’ll firstly have to know our partner (or our customer): “We need to know what the other part of the couple love the most”, Gabriela explains.

And this is what Social Customer Experience is all about: make the customer live an unique and unforgettable experience once they reach our brand.

That’s why, Gabriela concludes, we have to follow the four “rules of the bride”: we’ll have to offer something new (as new as possible, although sometimes what is old can also be turned into a new experience), make their experience as colourful as possible, and specially pay as much attention as possible to them in order to get their loyalty.

A huge thanks to Gabriela Pérez Sambucetti for sharing this idea with Social With It.

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