The success of Netflix or any other application that allows you to consume the content you want at a low monthly based price is that their strategies are based on the core idea that “audience wants the control and the freedom of choosing”. This is it.

Kevin Spacey (yes… not Ben Afleck as he has already had enough buzz on the Internet… ;-)] gave a few days ago one of the more viral speeches about the future of television in the recent months… He said so many true things that I decided the moment I saw it I wanted to blog about it. I’m truly convinced THAT will be the future of television. The one we knew is already dead.

Audience wants the control, not only of the contents to see but of any communication channel live nowadays. That’s the real success of social networks. You decide who to follow, who to stop following, who you write for, who will read your contents…

“We [tv] learnt the lesson that music industry didn’t learn: Give people what they want, when they want it, in the form they want it and at a reasonable price” (Kevin Spacey’s speech)

But not only the way of consuming has changed; the traditional tv business model won’t last too long with the expenses they have nowadays.  This year 146 pilots were shot, 56 have gone to series but we don’t know the outcome of those yet… But the cost of these pilots was somewhere between 300 and 400 million dollars a year.”

Are young people watching Tv?

Tv consumption as we know it today has dropped off over the last three years, especially among young audience (18-24 years old) as it’s shown in the last study carried on by Nielsen.

New audience has well adapted to new changes. We all want now “self-service”, quality and cheap Tv, new features that old channels cannot give us. While traditional tv is losing watchers, smartphones, tablets and over all the new tv networks have more and more fans.

Traditional channels are completely old-fashioned. To give an example, TVE1, Spanish public Tv, can’t be seen since abroad through the Internet… What a fail! Why Spanish audience would want to watch it online if they have a Tv at home?

Netflix or LoveFilm have come with the solution to all our requests: just by paying as little as £7 per month you can access to a huge range of contents to enjoy your way while fighting piracy.

Still don’t have one of these networks? What are you waiting for? It’s the present of the future!

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