In some countries, such as Spain, Social Tv still is in a very initial stage. Very few tv channels have already gone into social media and allowed users to comment on what’s going on.

Antena 3 is maybe the only one that is actually implementing social for every show on its grid. A few months ago this channel launched a social campaign amongst University students to ask for ideas to apply to the News. It was a total success.

Tele5, on the other hand, tried twice. Unfortunately, both occasions ended in a social media crisis: The Spanish X-Factor (Operación Triunfo) got several Trending Topics in Twitter… Most of them plenty with negative comments against the hostess as well as the contestants. What happened with the show La Noria was even worst. Thousands of tweets caused advertisers to stop promoting the show, due to a controversial interview. La Noria was finally removed from the grid.

La Sexta channel is however a very good example on how to turn tv social by creating hashtags to get expectations from users before the show and then using them during the program. TVE, the public Spanish Tv, on the contrary still is in a baby stage on this matter.

In USA is completely different, though. Social Tv is totally introduced amongst users. Last Viacom Media Networks‘ survey from January showed a huge step ahead: 57% of tv watchers chat online about what’s on.

Infographic - Social Tv in EEUU - January 2012 - English

Source: Viacom Media Networks

Best Social Tv applications to use

The most usual way to comment about shows or celebrities is via Twitter, by using hashtags that channels or even shows display on screen to allow users take part. There are however loads of other smartphones apps to make sharing or socializing while watching a tv show easier .

1. GetGlue

It was launched a couple of months after Foursquare. This app engages users with programs, music, films or whatever it’s on tv, like no other does. The only thing you have to do is checking-in the program you like the most, before or during the emission. GetGlue already has more than two million users. It has signed agreements with the 75 more important channels in the world.

2. GroupMe

This application makes social tv more private. It’s like “a private chat room that works in any phone”, according to its website. It allows you to create a group amongst your contacts to chat about your favourite series or shows.

3. Miso

It’s basically a “Tv Foursquare”. It allows you to check-in shows, win badges, play sideshows (a kind of Trivial about the show), take part in surveys or quote celebrities in real time.

4. Shazam

It’s maybe the oldest social tv application. However, at the beginning its aim was totally different: this app recognized short samples of music tracks and offered integral information about the song. Nowadays it has evolved to films, tv shows and books.

5. Viggle

With this app you will also get goodies for real, such as cinema tickets or a free coffee at Starbucks just by checking-in a given tv show.

6. Fantuition

If you are a sport fan, this is your Social Tv app. You’ll be able to make predictions about match results, race winners or general contests and also challenge your friends on who has got the best intuition.

The Eurovision case

Eurovision 2012 was celebrated just a few days ago. I’m sure many of you thought the winner did not deserve such an award. What you probably don’t know is that Sweden has got more than 25,000 Twitter followers on Eurovision Swedish’ profile. This year the competition has been played over the social networks.

This competition counts with profiles all over the most well-known social networks in Europe: FacebookTwitterGoogle+VKOdnoklassnikiYouTube and its own MyEurovision. Any follower or fan could check-in from any Social Tv application. Eurovision’s presence across social media platforms increased a 60% over the last year.

Alongside the show, singers were Trending Topic in all social networks where users were interacting, reaching more than 5,000 tweets in a minute, reaching even 25,000 when Russia was on air. United Kingdom performed right when the social activity went down… And the country also dropped. Nevertheless, one of the highest peaks was reached when the UK was announced to go down to the end of the list.

Eurovision on Twitter - Highlighted data - Social Tv

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