“Gamification is the use of game thinking and game mechanics in a non-game context to engage users and solve problems” (Wikipedia).

So far Gamification has always been well-known within the education field. Teachers and professionals totally trust this trend. More recently it’s been proved use of games to entertain your clients (and attract potential customers) arise the engagement level to a brand. That is why marketers have started adding gamification to their Marketing efforts, and now on social media.

1. Gamification on social media really works.

This first infographic will show you very convincing data about this trend, such as the grow of the activity of the page where you are hosting the game (up to a 42% over the average). You’ll also be experiencing a much higher engagement coming from your fans or followers… Up to a 86%!! Find out more along this infographic: Gamification drives results via @michpoko, @nicki_powers_ and @bill_hennessy.

2. Apart from engagement, what other benefits will engagement drive?

Let’s see… Get more leads and fans/follwers so it’s a higher reach on all your online actions during the gamification campaign. You’ll also be giving them a reason to return. Other advantages will be: Market research or habit form.

Discover many other reasons in the last infographic where you’ll see as well what will be happening to this trend within the following years:

A bit about Gamification via Intrepid Strategic

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