Montse Cano, Digital Marketing specialist and the author of this post, would say content marketing as a discipline does not exist at all.

Yet, there are associations to promote content in the same way that direct marketing(Content Marketing Association and Content Marketing Institute). It has also been given a definition.

Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.

Let´s try to make some sense of this. Google most recent updates have made it possible for this new trend to spread around the digital world quickly. First in the Millennium, all the hype was about ranking high up in the search engines. That´s why users had to cope with many pointless, unappealing websites with loads of advertising, which were difficult to navigate and see what they were about.

In this situation, no wonder things needed to change. Then, Google finally acted on this matter. Well, it was on their best interest after all, if they wanted people to use and companies to optimise for their search engine. Out of the reported 500+ algorithm updates per year that Google releases, the recent Panda and Penguin updates have made more people interested in publishing relevant, eye-catching online content. Onsite optimisation evolved, and content then became king.

In fact, content has become king to the point that people are looking for a queen! Check relevant conversation on social media.

Marketing strategies have usually been geared towards producing some appealing, relevant content to the targeted audiences. This should not need to change because the medium changes. I guess that online marketing was only starting back then, and technical matters were given more importance over content.

Then, social media era came along…

Now, the focus is on communicating without selling. That is, keeping targeted audiences interested without having them to think that we are trying to get them to buy anything. The information brands need to give their audiences needs to be useful to them. This is probably one of the reasons why consumers have turned their back to traditional marketing channels to massively use social media, which they also access using mobile devices.

In fact, some may are even considering that maybe SEO departments should be re-named content departments following a recent report by E-Consultancy on this matter. This report states that over 90% of respondents believe that content marketing is going to become more important during the next year.

However, why talking about content marketing as if it was a new marketing discipline? Content was always relevant.

Big data…

Oh yes, many of us are seeing big data in marketing as the next thing. Watch this space.

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