We already said it when we launched this blog almost a year and a half ago. The first guest that we interviewed, Luis Fernández already saw that “the future of Online Marketing would come through the integration and cohesion of all its disciplines”

Now Vocus introduces the new Digital Marketing trends in 2014; all the contents, the social, advertising, compiling data from the clients (Big Data) and improving the effectiveness of our campaigns for mobiles will be part and take the spotlight of our online campaigns but, above all, they will be focused more than ever on the client as the centre of all our actions. Do you remember what we said about our Social CRM? So yes, the client is our starting point and out goal.

Throughout this and the next two posts we’ll see what are the main tendencies that will come or stay during 2014 and we will also learn how to apply them to the online marketing strategy of our small business:

  • Contents: Diversity and relevance of your contents is now even more important. How to measure the content’s efficiency will become crucial.
  • Social media: goes hand in hand with marketing emails and the tendency known as Big Data. It plays a major role in the overall scheme of the strategy.
  • Data: More and better ways and software to compile data from your clients. Their behaviours, likes and so on will teach you how to plan your campaigns and the launch of social advertising.
  • Real time marketing: Keep an eye out of this! This trend is developing fast!
  • Consumer’s experience: It doesn’t matter how big the network or community around your brand is. Treating each client as a unique individual with a customised attention will definitely improve his or her experience and will gain you a bigger engagement with your company.

Always take into account that these tendencies complement each other so, when you prepare your strategy for 2014, keep them all in mind for whatever action you are going to take.

  1. Contents

We start from the assumption that the way consumers browse the Internet is ever changing. And so is the way Google shows up the results lately. Local is now more important and the results that will be displayed will very much take your geographic situation into account. Something the small businesses should always keep in mind.

From now on, every result after every search will be based on “what’s good and important” (Christopher S. Penn – Shift Communication’s Vice-president of Marketing Technologies, as published in Vocus) Relevance becomes essential for the content and knowing how to measure correctly becomes now a must-do for every company with online presence.

On our article How to measure the relevance of your contents (CRR) you will find a template that you can download and that you can use by only filling the data to know if your content strategy is being received well or not by your online community.

And engagement also gains an even bigger importance in the social media content… If that is possible!. In Facebook for instance, the reach of the updates has fallen drastically in the last few months. Why? Because Graph Seach, Facebook’s latest search feature, prioritizes now the answers from the fans on each of the posts to display them in the search results, among other reasons.

My little advice:

Before you launch any content, try to make it match your business strategy and the how and where you to share it; and prepare it thinking about the interests of the community you are targeting. “Think how the content can align with every online presence and also with the rest of distribution channels like email. This will help you move the message and make it viral in a more effective and quick manner”

Next week we will see the next two tendencies and we investigate the new changes in social media, marketing email and the always important compilation of your client’s data. Stay tuned!

Tell me what you think! Are you already planning your strategy for 2014?

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