Within the last two articles you’ve heard about Content Marketing, Social Media 3rd generation and Big Data. Let’s go deeper along this post to get you totally ready to face 2014 new Digital Marketing trends:

4. Real-Time Marketing

Real-Time Marketing? What in Earth is that? Does that mean I have to spend my whole time paying attention to Marketing? Forget about it. It’s not what Real-Time means here.

“Real-Time marketing is marketing optimized to take advantage of what’s going on at the moment”. David Berkowitz, chief marketing officer at MRY, as quoted in Vocus. This does not mean you can’t plan it…

Oreo’s case was probably the most famous. A unique tweet in the most convenient moment took this brand to the top of Real-Time Marketing… And also the top of Super-Bowl’s advertisers. Oreo clearly scored.

But it was planned. It’s always planned. Although you must trust your Social Media Department to do so or at least, the person who is in charge. Because there will be no time to pre-approve the message.

“Listening” is then crucial to follow this trend. Getting to know what is happening around your brand will be key to plan ahead your Real-Time Marketing.

My advise: Plan the momentum

It’ll be useful to have a few images you can use any moment. Keep them safe and ready to use if needed.

No need to say Real-Time Marketing is almost exclusively a mobile trend. Users who immediately reply to a situation they’re on in that moment do it via mobiles or tablets. So your company must be up-to-date on Mobile Marketing.

5. Customer Experience

“Five years ago, some people had mobile phones and started using them to do things other than make calls. 2014 is the year that mobile devices connect every person to the heartbeat of every other person, in real time. Because of that, you are required to have amazing customer service”. Peter Shankman, partner at Shankman Honig.

And so it is.

But careful when planning how to respond to customers. To me, those companies telling you on Twitter “thanks for contacting, we’ll let our Customer Department know about your query” are using this service wrongly.

Also, apologize via Twitter will may not be enough in 2014… So just be careful!

My advice: Embrace Big Data 

We already went though this in the previous post. Know your customers in order to offer an improved experience. Learn what they love and where they talk about it. You can use Google Analytics on that purpose.

Also do not forget to focus all your strategy on human elements. Let your person in charge of Digital Marketing show some own personality to your brand.

Of course, have always in mind the context where your clients move nowadays. Learn the landscape in order to correctly apply all new trends.

6. Geo-location

Robert Scoble talks in his book “The Age of Context” about some forces that have converged to change the customer landscape. One of them is location-based services (as read in Vocus).

Even those companies with no physic address will have more chances to expand their businesses around the area their creators live.

Users use their mobiles more and more to look for restaurants, shops, businesses or services around. Being able to “caught” those clients around your area will mean you’ll be winning local fight next year.

My advice: Have presence across the main online local platforms

Google+ Local, Google Places, Foursquare, Yell… It’s not difficult to have a map within all these platforms and optimize it a bit. Just let your customers find you easily when they search local.

Time to summarize. We’ve been through 6 trends for 2014 along the last 3 articles: Content Marketing, Social Media, Big Data, Real-Time Marketing, Customer Experience and local-based services…

Did I leave any other behind? I’m sure you’re already getting ready your strategy so let me know what else we should know for 2014! I’ll be looking forward to your comments below!

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