Have you always wanted to know how far your articles go after the release? Don’t get me an answer, I can guess… 😉 Most of us don’t monitor our posts very often since it takes too much time and you have to use a variety of tools to follow the trail during a given period. But it is crucial when we’re talking about an important post for your brand image. Who has already shared it? Has your post caused threads around the theme? If you miss this, you’ll be also missing the chance to take part in conversations key for your small business.

The previous step is of course, share the post across the Internet. Perhaps this article that I wrote about how to successfully share your content on social media in just 30 minutes a day can help you on this matter.

Then, let’s see how far it has gone, after two days since you shared the content. We can use a few useful tools that will follow the tail of your post across social platforms:


Facebook is perhaps the social network where it’s more difficult to know the actual reach of a blog post. I’m not talking about the amount of users who have seen it or have had the chance to see it, which is a figure you can easily find by using one of the alternatives to Facebook metrics I recommended in this post a few weeks ago. But about the real reach, who has shared your content.

However, this tool I discovered thanks to María Bretón‘s recommendation – Alerti – can really make the most out of a hashtag research.

There’s a “but” though. You’ll have to remember to include an original hashtag in your Facebook post in order to be able to monitor it. So don’t forget about it!

Here’s the video-tutorial about how to use Alerti:


Although you can think it’s very difficult to follow the trail of a tweet, it’s actually very easy. However my advice here is to use the own Twitter Search tool. There are many others that offer you who has retweeted your content, but remember it could fail very often, specially if Twitter changes its API, as it happened recently.

Check then Twitter Search. Only click over the link and add the URL you wan to monitor. Once the tool has given you the results, click over “All”… and voilá!

How to monitor a blog post across the main social networks - Social With It - Social Media Blog

In case what you need to do is to monitor a special hashtag, the following tools are very useful:


Actually there’s been no tool I’ve tried that really convinced me. Maybe Mention could be the most suitable. This tool allows you to create alerts either with your brand name or your blog post keywords (similar to Google Alert). The app will then collect all mentions in real time.

Google+ analytics are also very useful (actually, I use those instead of a third tool): they will give you all users who have shared your post. Just go to your +1 under your post and Google+ will turn it to show you the activity on that publication.

How to monitor you blog post across the main social networks - Social With It - Social Media Blog

Of course no need to say that if you have a business page on G+ instead of a personal profile, you’ll be able to see all the metrics, including all users who have shared a given post.


The best tool I’ve checked so far in order to know who has repined my pins is Pinalerts. It works in a similar way to Mention, allowing you to set up alerts according to the website you want to monitor [let’s say your blog]


Once you have found out how far your post went on social networks, let’s investigate the blogosphere in order to know what blogs have mention yours. To do so I recommend these tools:

  • Technorati:  This tool do a research among the 1.3 million blogs on the Internet according to the keywords you’ve indicated previously.
  • Positionly: Although it’s under suscription, this tool offers you a detailed list of websites that linked to your blog in a given period. It’s specially useful if you want to control all mentions about your brand.

Both tools will allow you to respond accordingly to mentions in other sites, as well as to take part in all threads that could be important for your brand image.

That’s all today folks! I’d love to hearing from you. Don’t hesitate to give me your thoughts about these tools if you’ve already used them or even better, talking about a new one!

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