Monitoring your social media activity (or your company’s) is not easy at all. However, with the knowledge of the proper tools the work will be much easier and won’t take that much from your time.

Last 30th of August we went through tools to monitor conversations across social media on the Spanish blog Cosas de Marketing Online. This time Jose Galan (blog’s owner) introduces to us four tools to monitor our own tweets.

I’m sure you’ll probably be wondering what is the aim of analysing your own tweets. There are a lot of reasons actually. For instance, you’ll be able to find old topics or conversations so will be to find out when are most of your followers online in order to tweet more accurately and get more RT or mentions.

1. Tweet Topic Explorer

This app makes an interactive infographic taking the information from your tweets.

How does it work? It actually is very easy to use. The only thing you have to do is to enter your Twitter account and the app will immediately create circles with your most used words on those tweets. The result is very similar to a tag cloud. The circles sizes are directly related to the words frequency: If a given word is found on your tweets more times than any other, then the circle will be bigger. On the other hand, if we tend to use a group of words very often, then those different words will appear under the same colour, as you can see on the above image.

On the right you’ll find the analysed Twitter account’s data as well as all your original tweets. If you click on any of the circles the app will show you all tweets containing that word.


This app allows you to generate a pdf file from your tweets. To do so, you have to go to and then authorise the app to access your Twitter account. Then, an image similar to the one under these lines will appear on your screen asking you to select a date range. You also have the chance of downloading tweets “from the origin” if using Google Chrome. You’ll be allowed to extract your fave tweets.

Use this file as a diary or in order to recover a topic you tweeted in between two dates of your choice. to generate a pdf file from your tweets to generate a pdf file from your tweets


You’ll find this app very useful on tracking your Twitter’s statistics. It will show up data related to how often you tweet every month, day or even every day as well as who are the users you interact the most with via RTs or mentions.

Tweetstats to know your Twitter activity

Tweetstats to know your Twitter activity

4. Xefer

The site works very accurately in order to check the timing your followers are more active on Twitter. You will only have to introduce the Twitter’s user you want to check and the app will show you an infographic similar to this one:

Xefer helps you out to know your best timing for tweeting

Xefer helps you out to know your best timing for tweeting

We hope all the apps mentioned above will help you out to easily manage your profile (or your customer’s profiles) on Twitter! Do you know any other app you want to share with us? Let us know on comments below or via our fanpage on Facebook!

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