Most of the tools I’ve analyzed so far offer good stats about your brand’s mentions, but how many of them also interpret how good the mention is? None, at least as far as I know! Let me explain: If a follower on Twitter mentions your brand (or a keyword you are interested in monitoring) is a little success for you, but if the mention comes from a national online magazine, won’t be a much bigger success? Leave that to Digimind, it will tell you how important the mentions are since it’s a tool specialised in Social Media Monitoring.

More and more frequently we find a lot of “noise” on the Internet. It’s getting more difficult to find a tool that really covers all your needs because of the increasing amount of softwares that will offer you similar features. That is why Digimind caught my attention. The many filters it offers will allow you to check your metrics and main results very quickly, even those that will matter in a given moment, like in the example I’m showing to you today. I check every day what the world is saying about my blog, but sometimes I’m only interested in the countries where Social With It is read the most.

I also have to say I’m very impressed with how quick the results come out. That along with the fact that you can have them in real time will definitely help you have control over any online reputation crisis that might come out.

Let’s see step by step (the way I love to explain the tools) how Digimind works using my own experience with it:

1. Choose the keywords you’ll want to monitor

This step is crucial and not only for what it’s obvious (if there are no keywords there will be no monitoring either) but for the fact that you’ll need to set up at least one topic and 5 keywords in order to start using this tool, since you’ll pay for each topic you use. By the way, talking about the price I have to say it’s more affordable than many other similar tools in the market.

In my analysis I chose these three keywords to monitor for a week:

>> Social With It (your brand must be one of your keywords)

>> @gmolinag (my Twitter profile, the one I have linked to my blog)

>> Gema Molina García (my full name, since I do a hard work over my personal branding)

2. The analysis (What, When, Where, How and Who)

This part is fascinating. The visual design is very easy to understand and you also can download the results both on Excel format or as a picture.

Since I’m a Journalist, I can say this idea is pretty similar to the “5Ws theory”: your story should start answering the questions what is it? where was it? when did it happen? why did it happen? and who was involved? In this case we’ll see “how” instead of “why” which is more interesting to us.

Let’s start getting to know What:

Social With It - Topics What with Digimind - Social Monitoring Tool

The more the words are highlighted the more interesting are for you. Digimind has read how important are each of them and is telling me what words to pay attention to with regards to Social With It. In a quick sight I can see my blog is mostly linked to “Social Media”, “Google” and my own name. Point for my SEO efforts! 😉

And When did these mentions happen? Most of them on the 18th of April apparently! Pay closer attention to “When” the mentions happened because that will give you an idea of what contents are performing better.

Social With It Topic - When  mentions happened- Social Media Monitoring with Digimind - Review

Where did most of the mentions happen? In the case of “Social With It” keyword it happened on Twitter and Google+ over the rest of the platforms. I should be focusing my efforts on those social networks!

Social With It - Topic - Where mentions happened - social media monitoring with Digimind

In addition to it, if you know Who has mentioned you, then you’ll also have the sentiment analysis (How), which is basic when managing your online reputation. Where those comments about your brand positive, neutral or negative? However, I should warn you this is still a pending subject for tools and softwares of the kind. As a social media professional I’m very interested in the sentiment of the mentions about my keywords but, most of the times all softwares will get confused with some apparently negative sentences that have a positive meaning for real. If you allow me to say this, I mean the kind of expressions such as “this website is damned good!” Softwares will interpret that this mention is negative, because of the negative word “damned”.

3. The Mentions

You’ll have them all one by one. Better yet, in real time. So now it’s time for you to use the many filters Digimind offers in the left column to get mentions according to your target and audience. You’ll be able to filter:

  • By keyword: The tool gives you all mentions with that keyword in a given time lapse.
  • By ranking: A brilliant option by the way that is not common in other softwares that I’ve analyzed previously.
  • According to the sentiment to your brand or keyword you are monitoring (positive, neutral or negative)
  • By kind of platform where it was published
  • By language
  • Country
  • Source
  • And one more amazing filter (to me at least!): You’ll be able to select those messages with more engagement and give them a priority level!

4. Online Reputation

Although I’m pretty sure you’ll have a few tools that will tell you the rank of your brand or keyword on Google, it’s easier to have it incorporated to one unique tool.

And Digimind not only offers the rank on Google but also the levels won or lost and what concepts related to the keyword are performing the best. Here’s the example with my name “Gema Molina Garcia” as a keyword:

Digimind 3 - Top Reputation Management - Review on Social With It - Social Media Blog

So my final thought after trying Digimind is that it is one of the most complete tools I’ve tried, which makes it very interesting to both professionals and small businesses that want to monitor and have the control over their online pressence in order to, for instance, avoid an online reputation crisis!  😉

My advice is to ask for a free demo if you really want to focus your online strategy on monitoring comments related to your brand and field in order to offer those potential customers the content and the attention they really want. If that’s your intention, go ahead!

And don’t forget to let me know how was it!! Any doubt or contribution you have in mind, I’m always here for you!

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