Both social networks have shown, more so than ever lately, a continued effort against fake or inactive users. 25% of Twitter users have never written a single Tweet for instance. A more notorious example, 70% of Barack Obama’s Twitter followers are inactive followers.

But, how can you detect them? And also, eliminate them? These are the two most used apps for Twitter for this same purpose:

1. Faker Follower Check

This app, besides being incredibly fun, Will show you the % of inactive accounts that currently follow you on Twitter. You can find out not only your stats but those of whatever Twitter username you enter. We started this post with our profile pic in Twitter  @gmolinag and I have to admit we were relieved to find out that we don’t have any fake followers. Do you fancy using this app on your competitors? Or on Lady Gaga?

2. Untweeps

Awesome tool that allows you to find out which users haven’t tweeted in a period of time that you can set up prior to the search. It will display then a list with all the relevant profiles and you’ll be able to “untick” the names of the accounts that you don’t want to follow. A quick way to do some efficient cleaning.

For Facebook however there isn’t a tool to unearth the inactive fans or fake likes. You could get an approximate idea of the percentage of fake account by revising the data from the metrics in the Excel document that you can download but that’s about it.

Anyhow, Facebook’s team is taking  this problem very seriously and by the end of August they already started to eliminate accounts and inactive or fake likes. If you want to know more about your fans, these are the features that fake accounts usually display:

  • Their profile will be fully open. Which in turn will make your research easier.
  • Few number (If any) of published pictures or posts
  • Little to no interaction with other users
  • Thousands of “friends”, commonly of the opposite sex.

Your turn now! Let us know if you know of any other Twitter or Facebook tool! We await your comments here or on our fanpage!

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