How is it that Facebook shows me that a post I’ve just uploaded has reached only 4 fans although it has got 30 likes and has been shared 7 times? If you have a fanpage, I’m sure you’re familiar with this story…

Facebook statistics for businesses fail very often. That’s why you better have one or two more tools to measure your Facebook Marketing success. These four free alternatives will help you on that. My advice is to try all of them and then keep just two to compare when the official metrics fail to give you the real stats.


1. Agorapulse Barometer

Very easy to use and visual. Click over the link and log in with your Facebook profile. Then select from the down menu the page you want to get statistics from and you’ll have the results in just a few seconds.

Agorapulse offers you the main indicators, those that you’ll need the most such as percentage of fans you’re reaching with your contents, engagement rate, organic and viral reach… And then the tool will compare your results in orange with almost 6000 pages already using this tool. That way you’ll have an idea of your performance within the average.

Agorapulse barometer - Social With It - Social Media Blog

Of course, in order to have a more accurate and complete reports, Agorapulse has a very complete and useful paid tool (from $29). I love it because it allows you measure you Facebook apps performance (when launching a contest, for example). You’ll also be able to moderate your page from just one dashboard and plan in advance your campaigns within a calendar. Are you part of a team using this tool? Then you’ll have the chance to assign works to other users.

2. Quintly

Quintly is not just for Facebook measuring purposes. You also can use it to analyze Google+, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. However, the only platform for free is Facebook.

This tool also offers the possibility to add your competitors and compare your metrics with theirs.

It also gives you an indicator very useful to me: your fans interactions rate over the last month. This means you’ll know precisely what days your content did (or didn’t) work, so you’ll get an idea of your content strategy performance.

3. Social Bakers

No doubt this tool is among my favourites. The free option lets you see a Facebook page country breakdown as well as a comparison within your industry and region. However, it’ll take a bit long to approve your application.

If you liked the free version, I encourage you to try the 14 days free trial they offer to check their paid tool. Then you’ll have access not only to your competitor’s statistics but also to your influencers. That’s the feature I like the most. You’ll see key fans that are interacting with your page, a good way to find your influencers.

4. SumAll

This tool will alow you to select up to 3 services within the free version, including almost all biggest social platforms. To be honest, I didn’t check it deeply so I can’t tell you much about it, but what I can ensure you is that this tool will have a very successful future. It’s very easy to use and you get all data you need. Their only problem? They take up to a day to send you an email with the results.

Their advantage: It compares different social channels related to just one KPI (indicator). I.e. Is Facebook driving more visits than Twitter or Google+ to my website?

So now go try these tools and let me know which one you chose to measure your Facebook success!

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