You’ll probably find amongst these lists some interesting data you could miss this year. It’s also possible you find new tools or platforms you didn’t know or maybe you’ll be amazed by some of the numer ones… But I can ensure you’ll find most of them very funny, specially the one at the very bottom! That’s our number one of number ones! 😉

Top 10… 10

The most used Social Platforms

I’m sure you already know what social network got the pole position in 2012… To be honest, you should skip this Top 10 and go directly to 9. On a second thought though you should have a look at the social platform that for the first time fills the position number 10…

Top 10… 9

Social Media “Do’s” & “Don’ts”

How many social media do’s and don’ts have you read throughout 2012? Hundreds? Here are the 10 most shared. Pay special attention if you are a job hunter!

Top 10… 8

Everyone fails some times… Hope not this way!

The badly known McDonald’s hashtag #McDStories worked so wrong that they got thousands of tweets against them. This year has not been a good one in social media for fast food companies. In this funny Top 10 you’ll find some other campaigns that didn’t work as planned

Top 10… 7

Best social media campaigns

From fails to success. These samples show how some brands did get the results they were expecting. Do you guess what’s the brand on  top? Nike really did an excellent work during the Olympics over the official partner and rival Adidas

Top 10… 6

Social media most important events

How do you prefer this Top 10 to be told? Would you prefer an infographic rather than the usual Top 10? By the way, Facebook takes once again the first two positions at the top of the list. Guess what historical events are we talking about?

Top 10… 5

Most viral non-music videos…

We are sure you know what are the music videos shared the most this year (Gangnam Style got 1 billion visits a few days ago) so we’d like to suprise you with those non-music ones. Even that way, the video on first position is quite a lot predictable… Do you remember what Kony 2012 did? My fave though is the number 6. Have a look at it. It’s the cutest video ever!

Top 10… 4

Golden trends and tweets

Here we go! The four main Top 10s! This year the biggest companies have done a really good job showing up the most highlighted trends from every category. Twitter, for instance, has summarized the most shocking tweets and trends in 2012. What a couple on the top Barack Obama and Justin Bieber! By the way, have you already made your own 2012 Twitter review?

Top 10… 3

The most revelant Facebook stories… by countries!

Facebook lets us access to the most shared stories in any of the trendy countries. Its top stories are really awesome. Come on. Let’s try our luck: What’s the event you think has got more responses on Facebook in 2012?

Top 10… 2

The most researched stuff: Great Google’s work

The work Google has done here is really impressive. You only have to access to realize it. Google starts by giving us this data: 1.2 trillion searches in 146 languages. From there you’ll be able to click over the Top you prefer the most: Videos, Tv shows, events, people, films… Electronics!

Top 10… 1

Créme de la créme”: The most memorable memes of 2012!

Genius. Just awesome. The Top of the Tops. Enjoy the funniest memes and LOLs of the year!!

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