The Science of Facebook Engagement

Say adding emoticons to your posts makes you get a 30% higher share, comment and like rates.

This is one of the tips this infographic includes to help you out to increase your engagement on Facebook. What else? How about asking your fans to give you their own tips for you to spread them on social networks? You could also collect your fan’s favourite quotes. For more ideas, go to the link over these words!

Influencers vs Brand Advocates

We’ve been highlighting this figure along the week, just because we think it is extremely eye-catching: 92% of users trust their closest brand advocates. Why should you focus your social media strategy on finding your advocates and working with them? Have a look at the infographic(and the tips and tools in the post) and then let us know your opinion below on comments!! 😉

How much do SM spend on social media?

It’s really impressive that nowadays 43% of small businesses spend 6 hours per week (or more) on social media, according to the last survey developed by Vertical Response. What social platforms are used the most? Facebook still is the king so far, although Twitter is getting closer. LinkedIn and Pinterest are used very little yet. More details on the infographic! .

To end our Day of Infographics, that as you already know we launch every Saturday on our fanpage, we posted a “Saturday-night-infographic” that we know you really enjoyed: What would you do during a zombie apocalypse? 😉

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