Last Saturday we brought you an exciting Day of Infographics that we opened with an interactive graphic about the social media history… Since Before Christ era! It’s been said this social media thing is not new but…

What was created by 550 BC that was so relevant for current social media? The postal service!!

Find out more clicking on the link below to access to this impressive infographic by Avalaunch Media:

The whole social media history

With all changes Facebook has been rolling out for the last 12 months, including its interface -which has changed twice-, it’s easy to get lost when posting on your fanpage. What are you allowed to add to your status update? What are you not? How to do a good post on Facebook to attract more fans?
Here’s how to develop a very good post on Facebook in order to get more engagement and reach. An infographic by Sales Force and Jennifer D. Burnham

Action Plan to perfectly update your Facebook status

The following infographic brought up a matter that seems to concern parents. What do your teenage children do on social media? Many parents decide to join Facebook for spying on them, which has caused most teenagers leave this social network.

Many more data clicking on this link that heads to the infographic published by Here-a-There

Teenagers and Social Media

We ended our Day of Infographics with one of the kind we love the most: those about “who’s who?”

What of these social media personalities will fit you better? I’m afraid I’m a bit Ultra to be honest… On the other hand, the Lurkers are a little creepy! Don’t you think so?

Find out what role you play on social media by clicking on the next link [an infographic by PR Daily]

Social Media Personalities

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