It didn’t take long for visionaries to start working on this new tendency that would revolutionize the way we use the small screen; we are talking of course of Social TV.

And at last, it was Spain’s turn when, in 2011, three partners from Madrid decided to change television and start a simple idea with an ambitious technology. And so AsYouWish Creations was born, the first Spanish speaking company focused on Social TV applications. Their originality and viability with this enterprise brought them they first place in the Emprendering 2012 Awards.

Up to that date, closest we had to Social TV in Spain was the inclusion of hashtags in the shows. These practises were not near what a real synch of internet and television should really be.

The Advertising Game was the first project to see the light. A platform in which users write the slogan, name of a brand or product of the spot they are watching on TV at that exact moment before it finishes. This way users compete for points that could later be traded for certain prizes. This application can be used in any device; PC, tablet or smartphone.

Even though the game mechanics are fairly simple, this idea could not be a reality without the ADTVServer. This is a system that detects certain images on TV and synchs them with Internet. This neat piece of tech is a key part on the creation of powerful applications based on Social TV. One of its strengths is that you don’t need to have the device close to the TV source (As it happens with other apps like Shazam) and so its use is not limited by this.

An example of what could be done with this Spanish technology; thousands of spectators are watching their favourite show and here comes the main character looking great on a new dress. An application on the smartphones will tell fans about the dress and will give them the chance to purchase it straight away.

A significant detail is that The Advertising Game allows us to establish a set of metrics and analytic about advertising and audiences that has not been seen before in traditional media, not just because the segmentation and reliability but also because it brings rigorous data of efficiency and brand memory.

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