1. What’s Google up to?

This interesting infographic has been the most shared on Twitter and Pinterest last week. Let’s see why. What projects is Google up to? To start with, Google is following a dream: funding the first private travel to the Moon. The company has promised 30 million dollar to the first private business that put a robot over that Satellite. Much more info over the link number 1!

2. Keep safe!

This past year has been specially hard on security matters, over all those that we publish across our many social networks. How could you keep an eye on it if most of the times we can’t even recognize if we’ve being attacked? Here we are: How to recognize virus and scam on the social networks and how to face them. Go to link number 2!

3. The psychology of colours

On SWIt we love playing with colours and learn from them. How fans use to react to colours? This new infographic goes further to talk about how any colour in your logo will definitely influence your customer’s feelings. Interesting. Have it under the link number 3.

And we finished our Day of Infographics with the most geek one shared during the week. All details about the relationships in between The Avengers. Find out what you didn’t know!!

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