1. Amazing social networks statistics

The most important piece of information from this infographic (of course, under my opinion) is that 47% of Facebook users have admitted the social network has a huge impact on their purchase behaviour. This percentage is getting bigger and today is almost as big as double than it was three years ago. Fancy getting to know some more impressive details? Go to link under point 1.

2.  A responsive design should be mobile-friendly… Agree?

That’s the aim of this infographic. Try to convince you how important mobiles and similar devices are these dates. That is why your website should be ready. How? Here are some good tips to adapt your site to mobile versions.

3. Facebook still is king

Are you curious about what’s the social network where users have shared more contents during 2012? Do you want to know what kind of content has been shared the most? What disciplines? Go to link 3 and find it out!

As usual, we finished our Day of Infographics with that geek one that got more RT and RP over the last weekend… And Harry Potter got the pole yet again! 😉 Fancy getting to know if you are a good Harry Potter’s fan? Click here!

That was all for now. Hope to see you all in our fanpage next Saturday with more (and better if possible) infographics!

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