But let’s stop digressing and let’s go straight away into the Socialbakers study, with data obtained from CheerMeter, a new social media tool that allow you to track Twitter mentions around a given sport event.

Who’s won the gold medal on social networks? At least on Twitter, Nike has defeated the rest of the brands with more than 16,020 tweets related to the Olympics. It’s rival and official sponsor, Adidas did not even reach 9,300 tweets associated to the event.

Cardbury’s case is even more noticeable. Despite its sponsorship, Olympics related tweets did not go over 2,230 versus 29,740 mentions from its closest rival, Mars.


Until now, we’ve focused on tweets related to the Olympics, but what happens when we take absolute data from tweets only associated to each brand? During that given period of time, results were quite similar.

Sponsors vs nonsponsors all Twitter mentions during the Olympics

Athletes have also played a crucial role on Twitter. Can you guess who was the most mentioned athlete? Exactly. Michael Phelps. Far down the list, the silver medal on Twitter was Ryan Lochte, followed by Usain Bolt with 131,685 mentions.

Also, what were the sports mostly followed on Twitter? Tennis, swimmer and surprisingly (at least to me) so was rowing! That means you tweet a lot about that sports, did you? 😉 We’re sure you can give us a good example of the craziest/funniest/most emotional tweet you’ve read about the Olympics. Let us know either below on comments or on our fanpage!

Golden Medal on Twitter - SWIt

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