1. Quick social media guide

Details like how long a post on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest should be in order to get more shares and RT, or when to upload posts/tweets/pins on any of these three social networks are some of the tips on this infographic (under the link number 1). We really think these short pieces of advice can make social media easier for small businesses.

2. Let’s focus on Facebook

Once you have clear information about these three principal social networks, what about to focus on Facebook? According to the latest surveys, small businesses prefer this platform to do marketing. Well, this infographic will show you 64 ideas to develop within a social media campaign on Facebook. Good staff, isn’t it?

3. Write a blog  post… faster

J6 Design has developed this really interesting infographic where you’ll be able to find 8 “tricks” to be more efficient at writing blog posts. What’s the secret? Get them planned!!! 😉 By the way, find much more info about “the keys of blogging” on this post.

And this way we ended our Day of Infographics… No, wait… Still one more to go! The sequel of our previous Day of Infographics! Very funny tips to escape from a zombie epidemic!

Hope to see you all in our next Day of Infographics next Saturday on SWIt’s fanpage!

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