Social With It talked to this veteran specialist in the social media field, Luis Fernández del Campo, in an interview about the current use of the social media and about their future. Is there a bubble growing around the social media marketing? Or “is more like the beer froth which will disappear but under which, there is beer?”

Luis, whose passion for social media is almost as strong as his constant desire to help those that ask for his advice, started our conversation telling us how important it is “to fight to help our brand to be influential in the social networks as a way to make it actually influential in the mind of the consumers by creating a complicity with them unlike any other brand.”

“When this is achieved”, he continues, “the influence goes beyond; it doesn’t only mean recognition but also an especial relationship between the client and the brand and around a set of shared values. This relationship, that translates into a better engagement, and which in layman terms we could call mime.”

Social influence; the magic words. Needed, yes but, at what cost? To Luis “It is correct to try to get a lot of fans or followers, but not at any cost. And also, not of any kind since followers or fans that won’t interact with our brand or buy our products are of not much use.” This is the classic debate between quality and quantity.

“What do we prefer the most: have thousands of fans or satisfied customers who in the near future will be able to buy or even recommend our products?”

It is now when we ask the guru for wisdom; is there a trick or a system to promote the loyalty of fans and followers? “You have to be yourself above anything else; you can’t try to force the engines to try to obtain a lot of fans quickly. You can’t be obsessed with the amount of fans at any cost. What we want is to develop a community of followers involved with the brand; that share the same values and will therefore be its best allies.” According to Luis it is essential to listen to your potential target and “make them feel acknowledged and listened to.”

“We must be sincere, honest and transparent. We have to share our own values. All social media actions should be focused on these basic concepts”

We stop now talking about the uses and objectives of the social media for marketing and move to talk about what these uses would be in the future. For instance, what’s the next step for the social networks? Luis has no doubts; “Once assumed by the majority the behavioural change towards the social, it could be the integration of the social tools as they decrease in number. We are seeing how platforms are being bought or merged so they can offer more and better services to the same users”

We were all flabbergasted after reading about the unexpected announcement of Instagram being acquired by Facebook. Well, our expert this week could not have been more right on the mark. Luis would also see logical a move from Google+ to buy Pinterest. This is what he mentioned to be an “integration of social networks that complement each other and that would simplify things for users.”

“Once assumed by the majority the behavioural change towards the social, it could be the integration of the social tools as they decrease in number. I have the feeling Pinterest could be acquired by Google+, for instance”

After talking about this promising future we came up with a last question for Luis; is there a bubble surrounding the social media marketing business? Especially in Spain, where companies are taking advantage of the name of this line of work more than the work itself. Where agencies jumped into the bandwagon of the social media and academies offer courses or masters for a job that it’s actually based to some extent in intuition. These are tricksters that would try to sell you bags of air.

To Luis there is no such bubble but what he describes as the “froth of the beer.” “It is there now and it will eventually disappear but will leave actual beer under it, an actual firm foundation for business. The aforementioned tricksters will ultimately collapse under their own weight, but the work philosophy in social media is real and so are the professionals that work in them.”

It was nothing but a great pleasure to have the chance to talk to Luis Fernández, who you can contact with just clicking on his name throughout this post.

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