I’m sure most of you already know about it. You’re already allowed to launch promotions the kind of “hit Like and take part in the raffle of…” But as we’ve said before when we announced the breaking news in our fanpage, our recommendation is not to do so but keep using third party apps such as Easypromos.

Why is that? Because that way you’ll get higher reach, to mention just one reason. A simple post on your wall calling to action has a short life in your fans’ walls. By using an app and hosting it in a tab on your Facebook Page will give your fans permanent access to the promotion. Not enough with this reason? How about getting a better and more beautiful design, a professional look and over all the chance to cover all of your goals?

Click on this link to get to know What you can do and cannot regarding promotions on Facebook (via Social Media Mamma)

The rest of our Day Of Infographics was about the non-written rules of Facebook Marketing. They’re not mandatory but very recommendable.

Have you ever wondered how many times a week you should be promoting your products or services on Facebook? What’s the correct amount that won’t annoy our fans? There are two different unwritten rules for this: The Three Third rule and the 70-20-10 rule, which is the one will be talking about in this post.

Click over the following link to access the infographic:

70-20-10 Facebook Posting Rule (via Snaptasticblog)

We used our last infographic of the day to give you an update on Facebook photo measurements. So far these sizes are not mandatory but they’ll be finally. In the meantime, following these measures will help you keep your fanpage with an appealing and more visual design.

The latest guide for Facebook Photo measurements (2013) via Hessconnect

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