Planning the way you are going to design your website is even more important than the step of developing itself. The first step will be to decide what colors to use, in case you don’t have a brand image built yet.

Within the three infographics you’ll find at least the basics to have in mind when planning your design. To start with, let’s learn more about colors.

The Color Theory

This premise is used by the creative specialists as a guidance to obtain the visual effect needed by mixing a specific color combination (find our more in Wikipedia). This color combinations are easily visible in the color wheel above this article. 

Regarding the web design, by mixing this combinations you’ll get different schemes that will help you decide the visual aspect of your site. Find all the info you need about The Color Theory in this infographic, clicking on the following link:

>> A quick reference sheet for designers [via Infographiclist]

Be selective when choosing the color combination because not all of them will fit your website. Each color has a meaning, and you site could show a wrong image of you and your brand. That’s something to have in mind when designing your logo, for example.

According to the next infographic, the brand Social With It shows optimism, trust and fun, since the colors I use are tones of yellow, blue and pink. Have a look at the infographic in order to know what your website is telling about you:

>> What your web design says about you[vía Love Infographics]

The last infographic of the day shows a fact you must pay attention to when creating or optimizing a website: It MUST be responsive design. But, what is this? Why is so important? In the current times technologies evolve so quick that sometimes you could not follow. With a growing mobile devices use around us, you just can’t launch a website that is not compatible with them. Mobile apps are very expensive, so the solution is to build your website with a design adaptable to all kind of screens, including mobiles and tablets.

Actually nowadays almost all platforms for creating websites have adaptable designs, which will make your life easier… 😉

Learn some more about it here:

>> Responsive Web Design [via Orange County SEO]

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