I admit that including corporative videos in our Online Marketing strategy is not definately easy. However it’s not very hard either if you plan a day each month to shot it and edit it. Only one email per month will get you better results that just images.

Although I’m planning a very complete post about how to make a Video Marketing stratategy for your business, I’ll start here giving you a few keys for success. So don’t miss any detail!

Let’s start by the numbers of the benefits and advantages of using video in your website:

  • –  80% of users will watch a video in your web. Only a 20% will read the texts.
  • –  Visits that watch a video in your website will stay there for an average of two more minutes that the rest…
  • –  … And 64% out of them will be more likely to purchase.

Have I started convincing you? Have a look at these other impressive figures in the infographics I’m linking right before this line. Just click on the following link!

>> The Power of Video Marketing via Videoflot

The use of Video for Email Marketing

One of the most widespread and effective ways is the use of the video format on your newsletters and promotional emails.

However not all sort of video are good for email marketing, since they have to fit your customers’ expetations. Otherwise it’ll be considered as spam. The best videos to email are those the kind of “How to”, trainings and demos. The moment you find the perfect video to send you’ll see how your conversion rate goes up quickly!

Find more info within the next infographic:

>> Video Email Marketing via VideoExplainers

Types of Corporate Videos

What kind of video can you do taking into account you have no previous knowledge on video edition? Well… A lot! I can’t reveal a little secret yet (an application I’m trying to get professional videos) but I’ll write about it next month, so stay tuned!

What I can tell you is the kind of videos I’ll teach you to shot in that article:

  1. –  Welcom Video
  2. –  “About Me” Video
  3. –  Tips from the expert
  4. –  Sales Video
  5. –  Social Video

In the next infographic (and the last one) you’ll find a bit more about these 5 types of video and some other good tips:

>> Your To-Do List of Videos via Loubortone

Much more info and a complete step-by-step guide in a few weeks… 😉 Stick to Social With It!!

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