One of the main issues small business are concerned about when launch a promotion on Facebook is fraud. Users can easily scam promoters by creating fake profiles and therefore voting more than permitted.

This fraud is very spread amongst users I’m afraid. How to avoid it? First, use third party apps that will help you segment your contest audience and then filter as follows:

1. By country – you’ll avoid fraud votes from unwanted territories

2. By “only friends of voters”.

3. If the app allows you to do it, limit up to one vote from the same IP.

4. Also limit the participation to those users previously verified by Facebook

And above all, never give the prize away to the most voted item! Better you select a jury and choose the winner within the 10 contestants with more votes.

This is one of the reasons social media specialists recommend to keep using third party applications to launch Facebook contests, even though you do it via your Page wall.

In our next infographic you’ll find pros and contras of running promotions through your Facebook wall or a third party app along with the way to decide how to do it: Do you want to reach potential clientes out of Facebook? 😉

Click over this link to access to the infographic: Promotions and Contests on Facebook Pages by

Now you’ve finished your promotion, how would you know it’s been a complete success – or a disaster-? In our last infographic our colleagues from Awareness Networks shows you how to audit your Facebook Page >> How to analyse your Facebook Page

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