I guess you’ve already familiarized with the term “social engagement” (action of being loyal to a brand). In other words, it’s the art of build loyalty among the users on your social communities in order to increase the chance to have them purchasing your products or services. But it’s not only the final goal what I’m talking about, but the process in between an user see a post o tweet you just launched and the moment he/she goes to your site to buy. For instance, let’s have a Facebook fan who just started commenting and sharing your contents. That fan is being engaged with your brand. It’s very likely he/she’ll end up purchasing at your site. 

But the art of engagement is not easy at all. It’ll require constance, hard work and over all to know your audience and what they want you to offer them. However you’ll be able to increase your engagement rate by applying some of the basics I’ll show you along this post:

  1. Include more images
Although it’s not a photo-sharing app itself, a Facebook strategy for instance can clearly depend on the addition of images:
  • – Posts with photos on Facebook get 84% more clicks than those with a link or just text. 
  • – It also receives a 53% more likes and 104% more comments… 
  • – Posts that go to photo-albums get a 180% more engagement over videos, texts and links.

And these figures rise every day… Check them out in this infographic designed by Wishpond:

>> The impact of photos on Facebook engagement 

But including images is not the only way to either generate or increase the engagement rate among your social community. Let’s see some others way to achieve it:

  • 2.  Giving away cupons, discounts or launching contests are some of the preferred techniques that better work to arise the engagement rate. Find out what your audience wants the most and give it to them.
  • 3.  The shorter the better. Be concise when posting.
  • 4.  Smileys work! 😉
  • 5.  Use gammification: turn your posts into games like “pick your fave” picture or trivia contests. 

Check out all info about these four points in the following infographic:

>> 5 ways to increase your Facebook engagement via Udemy

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