Today I bring you a very special Day of Infographics. My fellows from Agorapulse just passed me over the data of the last study about the organic reach on Facebook. This research has been done over the 7200 Facebook Pages members of the Agorapulse Barometer; pages from everywhere and from a total of 142 different industries. The results are very revealing.

Talking globally, it is true according to Agorapulse that the average organic reach has dramatically fallen indeed… But why to trust an “average”? Agencies, small businesses and big companies have been complaining about this tremendous algorithm update and they blame Facebook and its need of get more Pages involved in advertising. However, would you change your mind if I tell you that there was no such a drop in several categories? That for many pages this metric was actually up? Yes, this study also grabbed my attention.

Let’s go deeper into the research:

– Some of the pages analyzed reach up to 40% of their community without advertising, a percentage that really seems huge and that is only possible for many by purchasing ads. But those pages do exist, and those pages are as small as mine and yours. Here’s the proof: The Spanish brand Pedrita Parker (with over 10000 fans) has around 1500 or 2000 interactions with most of its posts on Facebook… With no need of advertising. That means the reach is amazingly high. No ads but an overwhelming creativity, that’s its strength.

– From 142 different categories analyzed in this study, 18 out of them remained the same or even saw how their organic reach increased between 2013 and 2014.

– The rest (124 industries) did see how their organic reach fell although still many of them keep it at 15 or 20%.

Do you want to know what industries’ organic reach have dropped and what others have seen it grow? Check out this infographic:

Study organic reach on Facebook - Day Of Infographics - Social With It

Categories among e-commerce businesses and product sales suffered from a huge drop of the organic reach. On the contrary, pages realted to services or general interest either kept their organic reach or even saw it rise.

Agorapulse makes a point I’m totally agree with: most of the contents surfing on Facebook nowadays is not high quality, it’s not worthy of beging taken into account by the new Facebook algorithm. True thing. My own page’s organic reach never dropped (it’s within the “computer/internet website”) since it was low since the very beginning, at least until 6 months ago when I started working on it very thoroughly. Today and after a lot of work on contents, my posts reach as much as double the fans that they did before. Don’t we have a lot to do in that organic reach drop? 😉

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