Although the name might sound showy (specialists sometimes love using acronyms), Social CRM is just the use of technology applied to your business strategy. Most of Marketing Online techniques, websites, blogs and over all the Online Client Service are a few of the disciplines included within CRM (Customer Relationship Management). The word “social” only refers to the main use of social media as key platforms.

The fist infographic – What is Social CRM (by – shows you what exactly is it and also why you should be using it for your company:

-Definition: “A business strategy supported by a technology platform, workflow processes and social interactions, designed to engage in a collaborative conversation in order to provide a mutually beneficial value” (Paul Greenberg)

– Why you should be using it? “Customers who engage with a company through social media spend 40% than those who don’t”. Fair enough…

One of the main uses of CRM has always been as a Costumer Service online platform. Nowadays, the rise of social media has given even more importance to this function as social networks are the principal and fastest way clients contact businesses today.

Then, how can I develop a Social CRM-based Customer Service strategy? Just follow the 10 steps proposed on this last infographic – 10 steps to brilliant Social Customer Service by Social Media Today

  1. Choose the right channels (Will it be Twitter, Facebook…?). Best focus in just one channel, at least at the beginning.
  2. Select the tools you’ll need, taking into account you’ll have to monitor comments around your brand across the Internet.
  3. Be exhaustive with what you really want to monitor. Most of comments will be irrelevant to your interest (up to 95% out of them). What’s important here is to go in depth of the remaining 5%
  4. Get your employees involved.
  5. Cross promote your different channels (phone, e-mail, social networks, post…
  6. Prioritize! When you answer you’ll have to prioritize if the amount of questions are big!
  7. Automate replies… Only if the volume of your activity is such that you can not spend a few minutes with any of the askers.
  8. Meet Clients expectations. Specially those meaning quick answers. Around 42% of Twitter users want a response in less than one hour.
  9. Avoid comments around the Internet unless you do know the user is requiring your help.
  10. Gather your clients data on social media.

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