Did you see any other graphic that you think it should be amongst these ones? Send it to our email and we’ll share it next Saturday! In the meantime… Here we go!

1. Facebook features story

Facebook has been changing and adding features from the very beginning, in order to try making the use easier. If you pay a close attention you’ll realize new features were focused on fans and your profile back in the beginning. Later, they focused on mobile platform and finally on businesses. Check it out by clicking on the link from above (1)!

2. Who’s the winner? Social vs Search

Not too long ago we published a post about the social media use vs SEO’s. We finally decided a combination of both was the best answer. Well, this infographic shows that conclusion highlighting the need of using SEO if your goal is local business visibility. On the other hand, if what you are trying to reach is awareness, then use social media for best. Go to the link 2. to have a look at the infographic!

3. Smartphone use keep growing up…

This infographic has attracted my attention because of the platforms most used rather than the data. Do you dare to guess what’s the platform most used? -> You’ll know it here (link number 3)

4. Community Manager = guy/girl for everything

We finished our Day of Infographics with an amazing image that represents very accurate how many roles a Community Manager performance for a company. We’re sure you’ll agree! -> Click on link 4.

We are specially interested in having feedback from you about this last infographic. Are you a CM? Do you agree? Let us know on comments or on our fanpage. This could be a good conversational thread!

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