First of all, have a look at this infographic selected out of over 50 others I found while looking for tools. Here you’ll find the best tools to use nowadays to manage your social media strategies. Only click over the following link:

Main tools according to the Marketing activity

There are hundreds of tools out there, although these 10 are my favourit. Here’s why:

Social Media Tools for Listening

Listening to your audience is basic. You already know that. It’s not enough to believe you know what they want. You have to listen to them, because most of the times won’t be the same you want. It will very much depend on the age, the economic context, education, genre… So you’ll see how by dividing your audience in different segments according to their features you’ll be able to listen to them.

These are the three best tools to know what your target audience is talking about:

Socialmention: Good enough and free. Easy to use. It will give you the crucial info you’ll need.

Brandwatch: It’s the best tool I’ve tried so far. The inconvenience though is the price: too much for small businesses with low budgets. It’s perfect though for agencies, proffesionals or big companies.

Digimind: Also easy to use and more affordable budget. Perfect for online reputation management professionals.

Social Media Tools to talk to your audience

Sometimes answering all mentions and questions from fans and followers is a hard job, specially if the size of your community is getting bigger and bigger. In this case, what’s best is to use on of the following tools to effectively reply all comments in real time:

Hootsuite: With no doubt, the best one on this matter. At least it’s so for me. And please let me recommend to get the PRO version since it’s extremely affordable (about $15 per month) and the options just increase dramatically.

Buffer: Only for Twitter, so far. It’s free and let you post tweets with images like you would tweet straight away from Twitter itself. It’s also very useful to schedule tweets for countries abroad.

PostLink: It’s a paid tool but still affordable and also recommendable. It includes reviews of sites such Yelp and you’ll get a notification every time someone gives you a review. It’s perfect for local businesses.

Tools for Campaigs

In order to launch a campaign on social networks you’ll need a tool to manage that campaign across all your platforms. Otherwise, it’ll be a much more difficult job. Here are my favourite two tools to launch and monitor actions on social media:

Agorapulse: It’s specially focused on Facebook and with this tool you’ll be able to do wonders on this social network. It’s a paid tool, affordable though for low budgets. McDonald is one of the huge companies using it.

ShortStark: Also focused on Facebook. It allows you though to launch promotions to other social networks. There’s a free version. Check it out!

Tools for Analysis 

Since eitherway you’ll have to find out how your campaigns on social media are performing, my recommendation is to use one of the following tools:

Google Analytics: Free, effective and extremely useful. Every business and professional should actually check their metrics on Google Analytics every now and then… Every week I’d say! Not too long ago I wrote an article about how to measure visits coming from social media with Google Analytics.

SocialBaker: It’s a paid tool, affordable though and recommendable if you a a professional with many accounts under your watch. The briefings you’ll get are the best.

Tools to detect Influencers 

Although most of the professionals still use Klout to know an user’s influence over a social community, I rather prefer PeedAnalytics. It’s very complete and its algorithm seems to be more trustful. It’s also very good to identify Twitter influencers, both inside or outside the social network.

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