To sell or not to sell straight from social networks? That is the question… Let’s start making clear what Social Commerce is not: to harp on your fans and followers with posts about your products and services. It is though an open door to sale through your business page in a given social network by a tab to an app or a catalogue to the product. But not on your posts.

Does it work? It’s a very new trend (although the very first sale in Facebook was made back in 2009) but what it’s been proved is that fans of a brand in Facebook (let’s say) are much more likely to purchase from that business. Let’s go deeper in other interesting data our first infographic shows:

– 20% of social media users are willing to buying a product of their preferred business via social networks.

– Then, 34% out of them will share the product across their social profiles.

Click over the following title to access to the infographic (via Digitas)

-> Social Commerce

Now it’s time to choose the right social network. Which one would you select? By now, the most used out of them are those with high level of photo-sharing, like Pinterest or Facebook.

Let’s see what happens with Facebook Commerce… Are small businesses interested in it? Find out more in our next infographic (click over the following link!)

-> Small Businesses get serious about Facebook Commerce.

How about the future of eCommerce? What will happen next? Everything will go mobile. Mobile Commerce is a new rising trend together with the spread of QR Codes. Our last infographic (via EmpathyLab) brings to you the most important facts on the use of mobiles to purchase products:

-> Some facts about Mobile Commerce

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