Although we are getting ready a post about all you have to know about the Olympics and its media coverage, we have chose these four infographics in order to give you all the the best and most complete information about this matter. Are you ready to pin everything?  Here we go then!

1. 2008 vs 2012 social media coverage

As we’ll show you in our next post to launch on Monday, London 2012 are not the first Olympics on social media. However, there are plenty of differences with the previous one. This contrast is mainly due to the rise on growth, quick spread and common use of social networks. As usual, click on the link from above to directly access the infographic.

2. Economic Impact

I am pretty sure we all have heard about the budget the UK had for the Olympics and how the country has spent as much as double that amount. But, where did that money come from? what’s the money being spent on? or how what will be the impact over the economy in a short and long term? Here, on link number 2., you’ll find all the details.

3. Follow the Olympics from your mobile

I am also quite sure you have read some post about how to follow this event online, but, do you know what apps you can use in order to get as much information as possible from your smartphone? Follow the Olympics on the way, wherever you are! Here they are, clicking on link number 3.

And we was ending our Day of Infographics with a little joke, one of those LOLs we love. You’ve probably already seen it up in the beginning of this post, as our main picture.

Now, your turn! tell us your opinion about the Government’s expenses on the Olympics. Do you think the UK will be able to recoup them? Also let us know the way you are following the Olympics! Your opinion is crucial for us! Remember you can comment both, either below this post or via our fanpage.