Content, content, content… I’m sure most of you have already stop reading this post after reading again and again about this word… No worries, it’s not your fault. I think the same. Specialists are very annoying lately with the importance of a good content creation. This post is not about whether you should bother about content.

The last #DayOfInfographic showed you the way you can rule any of the steps on the creation of a content strategy for your business. What are those steps?

  • 1. Create a brilliant content (further in this post we’ll tell you how)
  • 2. Develop buzz around your brand the moment you’ll be publishing content
  • 3. Share the content
  • 4. Analyse results. Who has that content reached?

How can we create that content on the first step of the strategy? We told you about it via this infographic by Lindoneast.

  • 1. Got an idea!

Try to have always with you something where you can take notes of your sudden good ideas. I use the Notes feature in my iPhone (for thoughts) as well as Pinterest (one of the three secret boards) for those ideas coming from other articles I read.

  • 2. Think about how to communicate that idea. Will you use an infographic, only words or maybe a video?
  • 3. What kind of customers do you want to reach with your content? Now that Christmas is close you’ll probably will want to reach mums and get them buying your products.
  • 4. Plan what tool you’ll be using, the tone and the way you’ll tell the story.
  • 5. Time to create it! If you’ve spent enough time on the previous steps, this one will be really easy. And of course, don’t forget to share it everywehere!

“A good content marketing plan contains a number of different elements including theme, audience, tone, publishing channel… How do all these components come together to form a cohesive strategy? It’s as easy as making a cheeseburger” – Social content strategy on infographic – via The Social WorkPlace.

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