After years of comments about the future of Tv due to the fast growth of YouTube, nowadays the warning goes to that online precise channel: Careful. Smartphones with video apps are spreading very incredibly quickly…

1. Will mobiles kill YouTube?

This infographic shows how video social apps are threatening the supremacy of other well-known platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo. Mobile video consumption is growing as much as double the speed of the consumption online! Find all data on the infographic, by clicking over the link number 1.

2. Every event has its social network

How are you planning that important event your company has to host in two months? This infographic gives you an idea of what you need, at least with social networking and spreading the word. For example, every social network might help you out in a given moment of the event planning -> Go to link number 2!

3. Latest social stats

Did you know 58% of moms actually follow a brand on social media? Did you know that the latest surveys show that a fan follows a brand “to show support” firstly? That’s the surprising first option, even over “to get offers and coupons”. All info clicking the link number 3!

4. Colours do matter

Your brand logo is yellow. What do you think that colour is saying about your brand? Our last infographic of the day has been dedicated to colours and what they mean for customers, because the colour you choose for anything, does really matter. What colour is your business image? Would you let us know on comments? 😉

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