Yes it was. Last Black Friday worked online better than ever. 66% out of social network users who bought something that day did it because they saw first a recommendation across social media.

Therefore, why not to have some data in mind when launching your strategy this Christmas? Let’s see the highlighted data that grabbed my attention the most:

  • – Social Network users totally trust their friends recommendations in order to decide their purchases.
  • – 65% of those recommendations end in an actual purchase.

Idea: Focus your strategy on getting shares and recommendations.

  • – Consumers spend more money on those businesses that they are fans/followers of.

Idea: Increase your engagement.

  • – 80% out of social media users made a purchase as a direct consequence of receiving a nice reply from the brand in social networks.

Idea: Don’t forget to answer all fans and follower’s questions!  

Get your website ready

Social networks are not the only platforms that deserve a special attention. Your site must be perfect or at least close to perfection. Bear in mind you’ll receive more visits on Christmas period.

Let’s test our websites in just 12 days >> The best gift to give your website this Christmas

Day 1: Test your navigation. It should be very easy for clients to find what they’re looking for.

Day 2: Your search functionality refine results?

Day 3: Does your content match your sales messaging? Is it informative, educational, persuasive and engaging?

Day 4: Check your web design. Make sure it’s enjoyable to look at, aligned with your brand image and personable to your industry.

Day 5: Typography – All words must be easy to read.

Day 6: Make your buttons obvious and easy to read. I.e. change “sign up for free” to “get started now”.

Day 7: Use images and videos.

Day 8: Make sure your customers will trust the whole process during the purchase. They have to be sure the use you’ll give to their personal data.

Day 9: Are your products organised on logical categories?

Day 10: Verify the end of the purchase process is transparent with no hidden prices that will come up suddenly.

Day 11: Keep your social profiles up to date. Clients will look for your brand on social media to decide if they trust your business.

Day 12: Check your SEO is high quality.

Hurry! If you start today you’re still on time!

Last infographic is specially useful, not for your company though but for the online damage you can do to your brand if tweeting after a few drinks this Christmas! 😉

Tipo de tweets que puedes escribir segun el numero de copas que lleves  - Día de Infografíás en Social With It

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