Let me do a little reflection about the matter before go deeper on infographics: all social media (and digital marketing) specialists are infuencers among their social network communities… So be responsible! Please, let’s read every article we recommend our audiences on Twitter or any other platform.

Your influence is not about quantity, but quality. 

Once this has been said, let’s go with the last #DayOfInfographics!

Have you ever thought of using influencers to get more online brand’s awareness? It maybe is one of the most common ways to share your business on the Internet… And it works. You’ll be then using users who will influence purchase decisions.

But how to target them? Here’s your answer:

  1. Influencers often create original contents, and also curate other’s, but above all, they’re creators.
  2. They’re easy to be found as they use to have a huge presence on social networks, even those more popular, on media. But there are others not as popular but still with a deep impact within their audiences. Don’t forget to have them in mind as they’ll be easier to be contacted.

Bear also in mind there’s always a risk when trust them… Have a look at the first infographic to get more info!

>> How to target influencers (by PRNewsWire)

Next step. What kind of influencer you should be contacting? Well, the one whose audiences are within your potential clients. Let’s say it wouldn’t be useful for your business to target someone like Justin Bieber to offer their audiences a car… Most of his fans don’t have a driver’s licence yet! Of course, this is just an example for you to understand. There’s no need to target celebrities…

Check out how many types of influencers there are on the Internet and then you’ll be able to choose the best for your business! >> 14 types of Influencers (by Blog Raynforest)

Now, my advise is not to forget your brand advocates either. They are your most engaged followers and fans and they’ll probably will be much happier to help you out with the online awareness.

To me working with them instead of influencers is always a better option, but you can decide after seeing the last infographic of the day with pros and cons of both influencers and brand advocates.

>> Influencers vs Brand Advocates by Jay Baer

By the way, there’s much more you can learn about brand advocates here: Why you should focus your online campaign on your brand advocates.  

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