Before we go deeper into that infographics I found, let me give you a few bites about the importance of having an active page on Google+. If you have already read a lot a bout it, just jump straight to the third point, where you’ll find those interesting tricks to give format to your post, something that is not even possible to do in Facebook.

1. Why should I be on Google Plus?

Because it’s been proved it will help you get a better rank on Google Search. Let’s see other ways Google Plus can help grow your business:

– The more +1 you get, the better ranked on Google you’ll be.

– Improve you Authorship rank and prove you as a quality content creator.

– It allows you to engage and start relations with your customers and followers, as well as friends and family, by using the Circles system.

– Its integration with Google Search, Google Maps, YouTube and SlideShare will give you new chances for your growth.

2. 5 ways to create a strong presence on Google Plus

In the second infographic you’ll find under these paragraphs you’ll learn a few tips of interest to follow in order to get your page ready on Google Plus, starting by personalizing your URL with your professional brand name, verifying your website and Authorship and including your web and links to other social platforms you are in.

Other details you shouldn’t forget about to get your contents shared:

  • – Use bold, italic and other text formats (I’ll explain how to do it in the next point under the image)
  • – Upload high resolution images
  • – Utilize hashtags, specialy those that are trending topics.
  • – Mention people every now and then. But do it carefully, just mentioning those highly interested in your posts.
  • – Add questions to generate conversational threads.
  • – Don’t forget to mention the sources if the images you are using are not your own.

Google Plus - Ways to make grow your business and build a strong presence on G+ - #DayOfInfographics - Social With It

3. Shortcuts and tricks to text format on Google Plus

Did you know you can stop your posts from being shared if you wish? Did you know you can check who will see your post with just one click? I’m including an infographic under these lines with the privacy possibilities Google Plus offers you to share your posts, and also the shortcuts to post them quicker! Although I’ve added the image below, they’re not of good quality, os I’d recommend you to read it clicking on this link: Tricks to edit the privacy on Google Plus

And the last infographic is maybe where I’ve learnt more tips I didn’t know about. Find on it all text formats you can add to your posts in order to highlight them, like bold, italic or strikethrough… Find the infographic on high quality clicking on this link: Google Plus Posts: Your Text Formatting Guide

  • – Bold: Add words among the symbols *(example)*
  • – Italic: Highlight your words using _(example)_
  • – Strikethrough: emphasize negative words enclosing them between the symbols -(example)-
  • – Combination: Make as many combinations as needed, using all symbols at once: *bold text* and _italic text_

Google Plus - Tips, shortcuts and text formats on Google Plus- #DayOfInfographics - Social With It

Sources: Simon HeyesDr4WardTwelveskipBootcamp Digital.

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