Although I’m about to publish an article with a complete guide to Gamification on Social Media Marketing, I’ve decided to dedicate the last Day of Infographics to these matter due to the importance that this technique is gaigning over the last few months within the Digital Marketing strategies.

If we agreed about how crucial are images on social networks and their impact on your fans and followers, imagine the power of bringing together those visual effect with fun, games and learning techniques.

If you are not familiarized with this term, let me explain what it is in just a few words: Gamification is the use of techniques based on games with the purpose of getting your audience’s attention and participation. Although these kind of strategies have been commonly used in education and other fields since a few years ago, it’s trendy nowadays on Social Media Marketing. If applied in a proper way you’ll get much more engagement from your social community. That’s a fact.

The first infographic of the day shows you what Gamification is and how to apply it to several fields from education to business, with the main points to develop your strategy. To see the full infographic, just click over the following link:

>> Gamification: a winning strategy via Citrus Suite

But I could bet what you are wondering right now is how you can apply those techniques to your activities on social networks. Well, I’ve created the following easy infographic to quickly give you a few techniques and ideas to apply Gamification to your Facebook Page:

How to use gamification techniques on Facebook - Day Of Infographics on Social With It

As you can see, they are easy-to-apply techniques.

My advise

A problem most of the Facebook Pages use to have is the lack of fans’ participation. A good idea to increase it is with small quizzes or a post with two/three pictures and an easy “pick your fave” contest. Just try to make it easy for the fans. If you want to improve the results, just invest 5 dollars on Facebook advertising using the Power Editor (not advertising from the post itself).

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