1. A close look into social measurement

Find on this infographic very interesting data such as: 64% of the companies use social networks with the aim of getting a bigger brand awareness. Besides, 86% decide to use Facebook over other social networks in order to reach that target. By the end of the infographics you’ll find 5 useful tips to get closer to social media measurements. Go to link number 1!

2. How does LinkedIn work?

LinkedIn is a very used business social network in England, so is in the USA. Not in Spain or South America, though. That’s why we bring this infographic with some tips on how to do with your profile on LinkedIn. You’ll probably not know all you can do even if you are a daily user, so, why not to have a look? 😉 Go to link number 2!

3. Tetris’ facts – Geek infographic of the week

Did you know Tetris probably is the first game to be expanded to mobile phones worldwide? That happened in 2000!! Find on this infographic a few facts about the history of Tetris since 1984. Great to know!! 😉 Go to link number 3 then!

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