Since last week we all can get access the new Search system Facebook has just developed, called Graph Search. Cannot see it yet? Try to change your settings to English (US)… That’s a trick never fails. Now, you have it. Are you wondering what are my thoughts about it? Well, I really thinks it has been born to some day beat Google. Search results are more natural, depending on your interests and your friends’.

Let’s see the contrast with our usual search engine. Type “best coffee shops in London” in your usual search engine. You’ll actually get all coffee shops with the word “best” within the description of the place. Facebook will give you the coffee shops best rated by your friends, friends of friends… among the one trillion connexions in the network. Which coffee shop would you go first?

Find out more in this infographic we’ve selected to explain all you need to know about it: Facebook Graph Search vs Google Search (via

The real value for Facebook has always been the chance to encourage the “mouth-to-mouth” recommendations. Your client’s friends will be more likely to purchase at your place or website than anybody else. That means small businesses will be equal chances to appear on the top of Facebook search engine than huge firms.

“Graph Search could help over 13 million small businesses get discovered” (Dan Levy, Facebook’s Director for Small Businesses).

“This maybe the first Facebook innovation in a while that excites small businesses, since users will now be able to search for local firms that their friends like”. (Lance Ulanoff, Editor in Chief

To get access to this infographic, follow this link: Can Facebook Graph Search make you money? (via Advantage Capital Funds)

Our last infographic of the day will help you optimize your Page in order to be indexed by Graph Search. Make it easier by following this 9 step cheat sheet: How to optimize your Facebook Page for Graph Search (via

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