I’m sure you already know every Saturday we commemorate the Day of Infographics on SWIt fanpage by posting the three or four best infographics of the week; those with more shares and likes.

From today onwards, we will bring them together to SWIt blog, for those of you who didn’t have the chance to have a look at them during the day. Also for those of you who’d love pinning them on Pinterest.

But let’s go straight away to the matter. These were the three winners of the week:

1. The size does matter

This infographic contains every single measure you need to upload pictures and videos to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. I really know it will help you out to not to spend hours on the Interent looking for sizes of the cover photo on Google+. Click on the link above (number 1) and go straight to the infographic.

2. LinkedIn in your country?

Very interesting infographic with the top 20 markets in the world performing best on LinkedIn (July 2012). I looked up for Spain just because I was curious, and then I published it on Pinterest. Is your country amongst the 20 first markets in the world? Go to the link number 2 (over these words) and have a look at the infographic! It’s really worth it!

3. Is Hulk green “for real”?

We ended our Day of Infographics with the most weird (and interesting) one of the week. Designers have just found out what Pantone colours fit best our Superheros. For instance, do you identify Superman with the colour blue? Find the link to the infographic under the headline number 3!

As usual, do not hesitate to comment below whatever you want to say about these three infographics. I’m always paying you attention, so I’ll reply asap. You also can see all of the infographics on our fanpage. Have you pinned them already? What are you waiting for? 😉

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