As we regularly do on SWIt every Saturday, here are the most shared/retweeted social media infographics of the week. This occasion we’ve dedicated two of them to Pinterest, considering the increasing influence this social photo-sharing platforms has reached over the last months.

1. You’ll either love it or hate it

True story. Either you love Pinterest or you hate it. Who’s been using it for a while have already checked how addictive it is. I’d say it’s even more hooking than Facebook or Twitter… together. At least that’s my case. According to the infographic we’re showing under the link number one, you’ll probably be thinking “it’s a huge waste of time” and you’ll never go back to the platform… until the following day. There’s no way back.

2. If loving it, just use it properly

It’s proven that the referral traffic from Pinterest to your blog is extremely high, so is the virality level. How about use that advantages to your own benefit or your business’? You’ll only have to be careful when pinning as you’ll have to take into account your followers and what they want (probably not over-advertising). Here are some tips to use Pinterest properly (link number 2)

3. Keep your content stuck

Alright. You already know how to reach your targeted audience. Now it’s time to focus on your content. What’s your message? What’s the voice of your message? Build it, spread it and make it stick… The way we show you under the link number 3.

4. Condemned types!

As usual, the last infographic we bring to SWIt is the most visual. This one shows 12 typefaces you should never use on your advertising or marketing campaigns. Why? Everything’s explained under each one of the types. What would you respond if I tell you not to use Comic Sans typeface if your audience is over 5 years old? Hurry up! write down here what you’re thinking right now or go directly to our fanpage to comment under any of the infographics!

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